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We educate and empower women to invest in stocks, funds and ETFs.

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    “Go buy that latte. Saving alone CAN’T make you wealthy. Investing can.”

                                                                 – Margarita Triantafyllidou, CFA

👍 You’re in the right place if you want to:

✅ Invest in:

  • Stocks
  • Active Funds
  • Index Funds & ETFs

And want to learn WHEN to invest in these three types of investments.

✅ Learn from a Professional Investor

Our founder, Margarita Triantafyllidou, CFA spent her career in US Wealth Management firms helping clients build wealth. No more advice from hobbyist “finfluencers.”

✅ Are a Long-Term Investor

Our Investment Philosophy involves fundamental research and is long-term–think Warren Buffet. We’re not day-traders.

🛑 You’re in the wrong place if you’re looking:

❌ To Get Rich in Weeks

We are NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. We advocate for research-based investing principles around long-term investing in the public markets. 

 To Learn How to Save and Budget

We don’t offer courses or tools to track your expenses or to create a budget. We focus only on investing.

 To Day-Trade Crypto

Trading cryptocurrencies or stocks daily is one way of making money; it’s just NOT our way. We focus on long-term investing.

 To be Told What to Buy.

We are educators, not financial advisors. We will not advise you what to buy (no course can offer that). 

Learn from a Wall Street Executive.

Meet our Founder, Margarita Triantafyllidou, CFA. 

  • Oversaw $90b in Equity Funds in World’s Largest Wealth Manager
  • Team Lead of $2b International Equity Multi-Manager Fund
  • Interviewed 1,000+ Top Stock Fund Managers
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA)
  • Angel Investor and Serial Entrepreneur

With over 15 years of professional investing experience, Margarita’s passion is to guide and empower YOU to invest globally in stocks, funds and ETFs using professional investment strategies and processes. 

Freebies & Resources

Fill your computer with FREE resources and action steps necessary to start investing. 


A free checklist to help you define and implement your investment process.


Visualize your money and growth goals with our financial goals vision board.


Select the right trading platform for your investment portfolio. (It’s not just about fees!)


A comprehensive program that teaches you how to identify, analyze and evaluate stock investments. Create a stock portfolio like a pro and achieve your financial goals!

    👉 Create your unique investment philosophy

    👉 Learn to source stocks and analyze financial statements 

    👉 To estimate a stock’s valuation (Relative Multiple Analysis,  DCF)

    👉 How to build your portfolio and monitor its performance.

✅ Bonus: Software and AI tools to speed up your research

💻 Digital Course

⏰ 6-Hour Time Commitment

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